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Hello Everyone, just a little update,as you know we will be taking a short break away from the working world of business.we have added a 15% voucher code as way of an apology for causing inconvenience to our lovely loyal customers.

We do have some more fragrances coming in,and we will be having a sale. we have added a sale category so products will be added soon.Mainly 100ml sizes at more than 50% off.some current  stock,some end of line and some one hit wonders that will only ever appear in the sale. A lot of niche products and some more familiar household brands will be in the sale,so a bit of everything really.

we were thinking of having a celebrity fragrances category,let us know what you think.I tried to keep it celebrity free,but we do get some requests for it.I don’t think i would spend a lot of money on a celebrity fragrance so 4.50 a pop on a 10ml bottle isnt so bad.

We have some new inspired fragrances arriving soon

The new Chloe Nomade fragrance   inspired

Flower bomb nectar intense  inspired

Thierry Mugler Aura inspired will be available in an edt

Armani because it’s you  inspired

D&G The one Royal night  inspired

YSL-Exquhisite musk  inspired will be available in an edt

victor and Rolf spice bomb extreme   inspired

Tom Ford Vanilla fatale  inspiredwill be available in an edt


if there is anything else,do let us know!This collection is for you!



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