Green Tweed of Ireland – 30ml Beard Oil


A luxurious Beard oil in a 30ml size.

No More Bad hair days! Tame your wild side with the “Mane Tamer” the all in one treat for beards that look their best all day,every day. Not only are you giving your beard the “royal treatment” but you’ll smell “jolly marvellous”. Use for whiskers and sideburns too!

Top Notes: Lemon verbena and iris
Heart Notes: violet leaf
Base notes: ambergris and sandalwood

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About this product:

Top Notes: Lemon verbena and iris
Heart Notes: violet leaf
Base notes: ambergris and sandalwood

Ingredients: *Grape seed oil ,*sweet almond oil, *jojoba oil,* castor oil, *argan oil, Parfum  (*organic)

How will this benefit my beard?

Grape seed oil – conditions,moisturises,prevents frizz ,brittle ends and locks in moisture

Sweet almond oil – Rich in Vitamin B1 & B6, promotes growth and repairs hair follicles.

Jojoba oil-Hair strengthener  rich in vitamins B,C & E,prevents hair loss ,contains the minerals copper and Zinc

Castor oil -Promotes hair growth and  ricinoleic acid acts as an anti inflammatory.

Argan oil With its high content of anti oxidants, essential fatty acids and Vitamin-E , helps to restore hairs elasticity and consistently restores shine to tired beards, it is a UV protector and the Vitamin-e acts as a natural preservative


How do i use it?


For everyday use:

Dab a little on the palm of your hand,rub both hands together  and comb through your beard, apply to whiskers and sideburns.

For an intense treatment

Pour about a table spoon (or more if needed) into your palm and rub through your beard, leave on overnight and wash out with your daily shampoo the next morning. Towel dry and comb.


For the purpose of hygiene, this item is non returnable once opened.

Additional information


1 x 30ml Beard Oil


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