CLEARANCE 50ml Perfume Oil-See Options (2)


PLEASE NOTE:This is a clearance item and so therefore NON RETURNABLE for exchange/refund.

As a clearance product,the 50ml/100ml perfume oil does not come in an amber bottle ,it will arrive in a plastic bottle with spout cap.

All stock is current, we are clearing out our inventory to make room for new stock.


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About this fragrance.

Notes for each fragrance can be found on their product pages.


Perfume oil – Dipropylene Glycol, Parfum.

For the purpose of hygiene, samples are non-returnable.

50ml and 100ml size perfume oils are non-returnable once cap is opened — please try a sample first.

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1 X 10ML Empty Bottle, 5 X 10ML Empty bottles, KNZ Ken and Zo flowers, KNZ Ken and Zo Amour, LNC Magnificent, LNC Roses and midnight, LNC Vie Bella, Miu Miu, MJC Decadently, MJC Delightful daisy, MJC Honey, MKS Kors Gold, Montreal Candied Roses, Montreal Mukhallat, Montreal Oud from Damascus, Mystic Oudh, NRC Narci absolute, NRC Narci Musky Santalle, NSM Nas and Mato Grass Hind, NSM Nas and Mato Juro, NSM Nas and Mato Musk de Silver, NSM Absinth, PCR Black Excess Woman, PCR Millionaire Femme, PLP Graceful Baby, PLP Inner Graces, PRD Candi, RBC Cavalli Nero Assolto, RBC Cavalli Woman, SGL serge's Berlin Fille, SRT Sa Rutti 18 81, TMG Alienate Floral Future, TMG Alienate Majestic Oudh, TMG Angelic Violet, VKR Flowa Boom Nectar, VKR Flowa Boom Vie Roses, VKR SpicyBoom Xtreme, VSC Brightening Crystal, YVES Manifest Woman


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