Our Hand made artisan soaps have been lovingly produced using the cold process method to incorporate fatty rich butters like,shea butter and cocoa butter,olive oil and palm oil.They also include natural essential oils as well as some synthetic ingredients.Some loaves come with dried fruit toppings,flower petals,porridge oats and poppy seeds,while others are plain and simple bars.They are approx 100g in size,the ideal size bar for holding in your hand while washing.It creates a creamy lather and has a delicate scent. It leaves you refreshed,squeaky clean and moisturised.

Your chosen soap will be picked from the loaf at random,For eg. if you purchase an aloe vera and lime soap bar,not all the slices have a slice of lime on the bar,a slice will be picked from the loaf at random.

Due to nature of the ingredients in the soap,some colours may vary slightly.

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