Know your Fragrance

How do we decide what fragrance will best suit us?

Fragrance structure

The basic structure of a scent is divided in 3. Top Notes , Heart notes and base notes.

Top notes – Perceived immediately upon application. Lighter molecules in top notes evaporate quickly.The top notes create the first impression on the user.Top notes are typically citrus and fresh notes such as bergamot,lemon,green notes etc. but can also be present in the heart and base notes.

Heart or Middle notes  – As the top notes fade,the heart notes appears and represents the main body of the fragrance, it settles on the skin for around 20 – 30 minutes and consists of floral notes such as rose ,lily of the valley and jasmine

Base notes – As the heart note fades and the scent is going through the dry down phase the base notes become more apparent, they are richer and deeper notes and boost the longevity of the lighter top and heart notes. The larger heavier molecules evaporate slower therefore holding the fragrance longer. Base notes can last up to 24 hours particularly animalic and musk notes.Base notes consist of vanilla,tonka bean ,sandalwood and vetiver.

Fragrance Families

There are 4 standard fragrance families

  1. Floral
  2. Oriental
  3. Woody
  4. Fresh

Each of the families is then divided into 3 sub categories.

  • Floral – Floral (fresh cut flowers such as rose and jasmine)
  • Floral – Soft Floral ( aldehydes,soft,musky and powdery)
  • Floral – Floral oriental ( orange blossom and incense)

Floral fragrances from our collection include Cuchi Blooming , Brightening crystal , millionaire femme and Suede and peony flower.


  • Oriental – Soft oriental (carnation and warm spices such as incense and amber)
  • Oriental – Oriental (Frankincense, vanilla, musk and cinnamon)
  • Oriental – Woody oriental (vetiver, sandalwood, cedarwood and patchouli)

Oriental fragrances from our collection include orchids in black , the brave only for men , spicy boom for men,Noir d’opeum .


  • Woody – Woody (vetiver and aromatic woods like sandalwood)
  • woody – Mossy woods (oriental,earthy and woody notes such as oakmoss and amber )
  • Woody – Dry wood (smokey, leather and dry woods )

Woody fragrances from our collection include Oudh and agarwood , mineral and oudh , bergamot and agar oudh, Privet bois incense  and Wood splendour


  • Fresh – Citrus (Bergamot,lemon,and orange )
  • Fresh – Fruity (Berries ,peach,pear and apple)
  • Fresh – Green notes (fresh cut grass,leaves and galbanum)
  • Fresh – Water notes ( sea spray,moist air,aquatic notes)

Fresh fragrances from our collection include salt and sage,basil leaf mandarin bergamot and lime , addictive II , cooler water femme , Geo aqua for men and invicta for men

We also have sweet fragrances such as Angelic star , flowa Boom , Fairy , candi and cream , Jimmi explicit , JP Scandalous femme and poisonous girls

Spicy fragrances include Spicy boom for men , millionaire pour homme , Excess purity for men , tobacco and vanilla with spice , Acqua oudh intensity concentrate , absolute of champaca and jasmine red rouge .

Body chemistry and your fragrance

Will my fragrance last? How come my fragrance smells different on me?

You may smell a fragrance on a friend or a tester card and you absolutely fall in love with it,but when you try the same fragrance on yourself, you’re not that impressed.Well.. The molecules in a fragrance react differently on every person. Your body chemistry plays a big role in how long your fragrance will last and how it will smell on you. For example : Body temperature,your mood, the pheromones in your body that produce a unique body odour, sweat and also your diet can affect how a fragrance performs on your skin.


We have samples available in almost all of our fragrances,so if you’re still not sure what to go for then a sample can help you to decide. These can be found on each product page in the drop down list of options.


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