Very exciting news for Lovers of Pennigan’s scents: Halferiti leather will be landing soon,what’s painful is not knowing when,but our manufacturers are working on it!!

You know….for all the years that we have been trading in fragrance, one thing has never changed.The excitement we feel when that fragrance stock is delivered. Still today we wait in anticipation of the delivery,and when it arrives we waste no time to unwrap it!
To anyone else,theyre just boxes of stuff to sell,to us it’s our company growing that tiny bit more and it’s us giving our customers another new product.It’s us keeping our customers on trend, at the top of their game,with the latest and greatest scents.And i feel complete satisfaction that our customers know that when they visit our online store,they leave with something they’ll really enjoy.They know they’re getting a fantastic product at a brilliant price.
When we first started up,and made our first sales,i was completely and utterly flattered that anyone would buy from me. As much as i loved the few products i had to sell,i was humbled by the fact that people believed in my brand..and still today we feel the same.You’re input as a customer, built the collection we have today, so thank you to each and every one of you who believed in us and who have come along on this journey with us since the beginning.For those who are joining us along the way and those yet to join. Today we want to Thank YOU!

Stay Safe and stay well…

Perfume People Limited


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