Hi All… its been a while since we posted a blog,but we are extremely busy trying to manage orders and keeping you topped up  with the latest and greatest scents.

We took a much needed break to the wonderful mysterious Egypt, but we are back,all charged up and ready to go.

If you want to see the whole collection of scents we stock,then please visit the “LIST/ QUICK LINKS” page  and download the latest list for your reference,this saves you and ourselves a whole lot of time  requesting the perfume list and us  writing emails with attatchments upto 2 days later.

As always if you have a query do get in touch and we will reply within 24 hours- reponse times may vary in busier periods.

Some new perfumes that has just arrived are below:

Mr Pennigan The inimitable
Pennigan’s Favourites
Pennigan’s Agar bathi
Pennigan’s Oudh Nil
Pennigan’s British Brilliance
By Reado Mix of emotions
By Reado Tobacco with mandarin
Paco Phantom
Montreal Arabian tonka
Montreal Damascus Oudh
Killa scents: Vert L’heure
Killa scents: Brandy Apples
Label scents 39 iris
Label scents 19 Baies
Salvage Elixir
Yves L’homme nuit blue electric
Val & Tina Viva La Voce
Alienate Goddess


Take care and we will be back soon : )

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