Some fantastic news for our quirky line fans! We have been working tirelessly for years to build on our quirky line,and finally it is paying off.The quirky line has always been immensely popular with our customers,and the wonderfully positive feedback has always enabled us to keep our spirits high,in times when our chemists faced numerous challenges trying to reproduce the scents and failed.Now…those times have passed and we can give you a little idea on what we will be bringing in….

-Turmeric latte anyone???

-Blackcurrant and Angels

-Cock tails

-Fabulosa [Lady and the boy]

-Leaping Frog

-Buttery bear / ball

-Cardamon with coffee¬† ¬†and many more…….

No “tender nights” yet folks,still working on it………


thats all for now but keep your eyes peeled….


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