The Perfume People Ltd is a small family run business in the small town of Oadby, Leicestershire, where we build our business based on quality, trust and value. Our aim is to provide a product that is Luxurious, yet Affordable.

Our business is built on customer communications: you told us what you wanted, and we listened. The collection we have today is built on customer recommendations and suggestions so they have played a key part in the success of the company.

Our Fragrances are sourced directly from manufacturers within the EU and comply with all EU regulations.

We love animals and so their welfare is extremely important to us. Our products are never tested on animals, and we do not use ingredients derived from animals. Our products are not always 100% natural, but a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients, so you can rest assured that no animal is being harmed in the process and that you, our customer, are still getting a fantastic fragrance.

Fragrance oils are a great alternative to alcohol-based Eau de toilette sprays. We recognize that for some of us who have sensitive skin, alcohol can cause irritation, so perfume oils are a great substitute. Alcohol-based fragrances evaporate in a matter of seconds, but being oil based, our oils stay on the surface of the skin, thereby extending the longevity of the fragrance.



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