Hello All,

Firstly id just like to apologise for not regularly updating the blog,things get so hectic at times,i just about have enough time to get the newslettwer out.

Hopefully we will have 1  post a week.

Anyway we understand that some customers have mentioned that its a little tricky trying to figure out what scents we offer? We compeltely get it,we would be as well,so we have a Fragrance List/ Quick links category on the homepage   

where you can either request the full list or there are some helpful references on the page (just scroll down)

Not only that,we are now adding other References (;))  on each description page from today.Please bare with us,this will take many many hours over a space of weeks to complete.we have about 1200 listings to get through and orders to fulfil.

We have had so many new perfumes arriving in recent months,and another arrive just yesterday: Label scents: 49 Ylang (similar in character to Le labo ylang 49)

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