This first spring of the new decade is already here! The weather is balmier, and life is blossoming all around us and there is so much to take inspiration from.

Springtime represents a positive change, rebirth, and renewal.  That is why spring is the perfect time to upgrade your home scent stash.

Scents are a very powerful medium. They can deeply affect our emotions and moods. Aromas can also trigger memories and make us feel more at home. Some fragrance oils can have a calming effect on us while others reduce our stress levels and make us feel super cozy.

So, if you were on the lookout for something new to include in your home care routine, try looking for refreshing home fragrance oils and room scents that can make your room or office smell pleasant in a different way.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of spring-themed room home fragrances oils that will make your space smell like a fresh spring morning. Here are 5 amazing home fragrance oils you need to try this spring:

1)Cassis & Fig Room Fragrance

With its warm, fruity and fresh green notes, Cassis & Fig Home Fragrance Oil  is a classic springtime choice. This home fragrance oil is a delicate fusion of diverse notes like fresh grass, dark cherries, figs, musk and amber that are super-compatible, so what you get is a full multi-layered and luxurious home fragrance oil with lasting effects.

Cassis and fig is enough to enthrall your senses. It features cassis, a rich and dark berry-currant scent that will take you to the woods, fresh green grass, exotic berries, and figs. The musk and amber base notes ensure that the scent lingers on. This luxurious room fragrance is very versatile so you can use it anywhere. We recommend you use it to ward off any unpleasant smells after airing your house.

 2)Lilac & Rhubarb Home Scent Oil

On the lookout for long-lasting fragrances that are flowery, fresh and subtle? Try Lilac and Rhubarb home fragrance oil. With its playful, flowery and sensual notes, this room scent will make your room smell like a sunny and blooming meadow.

The home fragrance oil couples soft-smelling and mellow lilacs with tart rhubarb and evocative rose notes to create a soothing and wonderful scent that is sure to fetch you compliments.

Lilac & Rhubarb home fragrance oil is subtle, fruity and a little tart so it’s the perfect scent for bedrooms. The lasting sweet and fruity notes balanced by the tartness of Rhubarb also work well for living rooms and hallways.

 3)Blossoming Orange Room Fragrance (The Quirky Line)

Blossoming orange home fragrance oil is a designer type fragrance oil widely available in the UK. This playful and bouncy fragrance oil is inspired by Blossoming Orange by The Quirky Line.

Blossoming orange is an exciting mix of fresh floral, citrus and woody notes. The rosewood and sandalwood base makes the fragrance oil long-lasting while the citrusy orange flower and subtly floral Neroli aroma freshen your room up and ylang-ylang extracts soothe the senses.

Blossoming orange room fragrance oil is energizing and soothing all at once. That’s why we recommend you use it for your study room or bedroom. This is also the perfect fragrance oil for your office. So, make sure you keep a spray bottle on your desk so you can freshen up your workspace on short notice.

 4)Ginger, Lily & Amber Home Fragrance Oil

A choice pick if you want your space to smell warm and welcoming. Ginger, Lily & Amber  home fragrance oil  is a tasteful fusion of deep, rich and warm notes with just a hint of spice and subtle floral overtones.

This fragrance oil features a blend of multi-layer notes like warm and earthy black amber, rich and reliable leather and sensual rose, topped with a hint of delicately balanced ginger spice and sweet lily notes.

Ginger, Lily & Amber is a great home fragrance oil that works wonders for the living room area. Because of its warm, spicy and delicious aroma, this home fragrance oil can also liven up your kitchen space and keep it smelling great throughout the day.

 5)Celebrations & Champagne (The Quirky Line)

Celebrations & Champagne is the perfect home fragrance oil  for special occasions. Throwing a party? Spray some on to get rid of unpleasant scents, freshen up your space and set the mood for the great night ahead.

The base note here is Cognac, a resinous scent slightly reminiscent of newly ripe apricots and green grapes. It’s a powerful note with an enticing cognac and floral undertones. The Cognac is then balanced by subtle and refreshing citrusy notes like zesty lime and playful orange.

You’ll fall in love with this novel and luxurious home fragrance oil. We recommend you keep a bottle for big events, guest nights and house parties.

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